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Welcome to PoptropicaSecrets.com a fan site for the game Poptropica. This site has lots of Poptropica Cheats, secrets, tips, glitches, tricks and more as well as full walkthroughs for all the Poptropica Islands.

The chief blogger here is Fierce Moon who loves playing the game, writing all the walkthroughs, and examining the sneak peeks that the Poptropica Creators post to figure out what’s coming next. Check out Fierce Moon’s Google Profile here.

Of course, Fierce Moon can’t do it alone. There are many other Poptropicans who help out with the posting, including forum moderators and guest posters.


  1. the dart man is GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!in nessie
    and there was this website called MILLSBERRY!!!!!!!
    but its gone as well.
    🙁 🙂 <3

  2. I know I used to play on millsberry

  3. my character was cool until someone hacked
    my account.Damn!!!!!!!!!!

  4. on millsberry

  5. one time on astro nights i got stuck and i clicked the back button and it messed up my account and i had to make a new one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!im made Lady Gaga andKe$ha on poptropica

  6. messy walker u watch secretcps to ifinshed all the islands in a week awesome right hahahah not lying but cryptids i diid by my self easy a a peice of cake hahah lolz…….bye;0

  7. i finished all the islands inculding wild west and i am White Fox on poptropica XP


  9. Now if you click on someone who has something in their hand you will see it if you want to click it off this might work you might not be albe to copy it from His/Her hand.

  10. hey bunny girl should da made the walkthrough faster i completed all islands.I have a secret:The next island(I think)is Magic TreeHouse so members get ready which i am

  11. i done all islands.yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>tpopoicarp ockrs thats saying poptropica RockS!

  12. to get a money bag,use your shirt thing if you have Speeding Spike in jail costumize him you see a money bag in his hands click that you get amoney bag.(P.S. Speeding Spike is in SuperPOwer islAND

  13. well no more free hand items Boo!pay back poptropica

  14. poptropica down tday for some junk manitence

  15. poptropicafan123

    hey peeps
    ^_^ later haterz

  16. i know a cheat on how to get a Glow stick!1.You need two items Magic Mirror and Atom Power.Buy them if you dont have them.2.turn on the atom power.3.Use the magic Mirror Press Save in the magic mirror.5.turm off the atom power.6.go to your magic mirror and click it!

  17. thats a lie!what i said!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Incredible Thunder

    spongehead, ha. ha. very. funny. (totslly sarcastic)

  19. more sick maintice stuff at poptropica on april 5,2001.APRIL FOOLS!its really april 5,2011

  20. I need to know how to get passed Time Tangled Island. There are 3 times left on my time machine thing, but I can’t find the items! Where are they? HELP!!

  21. Please just tell me what times to get the items at!!

  22. So magic tree house wins!!!!!!!!!!!!:) China island loses:( REDdragon same as MagicTreeHouse ^^-

  23. take account!Username:imthepoptropicacreator Password:NiceA change the pass

  24. Oh i forgot,change the pass is not part of the password

  25. dont take account (as yet)ON next tuesday take this

  26. oh by the way here are some hints to get my account(s) Girl-UserName EEEEE1409 (They stupid junk mantanice today)Hint im have membership(dont have any of my membership coutumes and/or gold cards)so look at the root of membership.thats it password.Boy usernane eeeee1408 password fffff (no hint) take theese

  27. what is the poptropica creators account!? tell me!

  28. i know what dr.hares eyes look like!Thanks to the cretors paper thing i use it on him and i can see his eyes!

  29. now take the account please oh and eh dont change the pass

  30. Hey guys!

  31. I’m looking for cool girl fashions on poptropica.
    I’m a member of the Super Fashion Gals and I need advice.
    Please help.

  32. i know some stuff the poptropica creators put in poptropica(I am not one of the creators!)Members if you signed in the of March you should have gotten a paperboy/papergirl(I used transport a poptropican to do this)GO to 24carrot complete until you get to Dr.Hare but STOP go to your items use your paper thing.Use this on Dr.Hare…Youll see his eyes!OH and after he talk to you he flies away and disapper!!!

  33. oh if you didnt know,poptropica uses adobe flash player(8 or higher i guess)thats why i hate poptropica now

  34. so why do you comment on it?

  35. Arggh!! Do you have any idea how annoying that is? Then again, that’s probably why you’r doing it.

  36. hey sponge head you’re mama so fat that whales laugh at her when they see her

  37. sponge head is stupid 😀

  38. I accept your sorry i hate sponge head and i don’t hate poptropica.

  39. what did you say i hate sponge head because your a cyber bully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You better not talk to me or i will @!@#@$#$%#^$^%$#@^%(*&^%(&*(&^%$&*(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. i hate sponge head is stupid 😀

  41. not so fun this time huh?

  42. i’m sorry i hate sponge head for saying u were stupid but u did it to me

  43. here is how to have gravity like in the moon in poptropica: go to early poptropica . then go to poptropica towers then put on the jetpack and jump on the white thing with clothes hanging and jump (try to get by a side ) then go fly to the jetpack all around and youll be going clockwise slowly like you weere in the moon

    (sorry for the bad spelling )

  44. i need help on playing the piano in the great pumpkin

  45. Just watch the walkthrough.I has everything for pumpkin island

  46. Hey again alot of of stuff happerning in poptropica.Oh and one more thing stop being being mean (And i mean i hate sponge head and sponge head to stop i mean can’t somebody delete these mean comments?)

  47. Oh i’m first to comment 🙂

  48. Hey guys.I have nothing to really say but here: http://goanimate.com/movie/0TKV-l_150_c/1

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